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2009/06/06 - Breuninger Sindelfingen

vest, white shoes, white/lightblue jeans, brown leather bag, big accesiores. myself today ;)

2009/06/06 - Sindelfingen 'Bonzenviertel'

Sophia (16) :*
Checked pattern short, flip flops and a hoodie. All brought from Cornwall.

2009/06/06 - Breuninger Sindelfingen

My favourite style today! Tights are absolutly a trend, the scarf's design is perfect to this combination. The long shirt and the bolero are good combinated, white shoes are a must have this summer!

2009/06/06 - Breuninger Sindelfingen

grey sportscoat, scarf, strap pullover, big belt, dark jeans, chucks, dog. Perfect :D

2009/06/06 - Breuninger Sindelfingen

I like the shirt with the vest-print, the nike-shirt and the washed out jeans.
The left's broken leg has also style haha.

2009/06/06 - Breuninger Sindelfingen

Converse all stars are in since I think about trends, he wears only basics. I think that's not bad for men.. She wears an absolutely trend: animal prints. It doesn't matter whether is zebra or leopard, animal prints are IN!

2009/06/06 - Breuninger Sindelfingen

Mannequins in 'Orsay' and bag in 'Zara'. Ethno style and long necklaces are IN, guys ;)

2009/06/06 - Breuninger Sindelfingen

not many girls are so brave dressed. :D Checked pattern (-> TREND) and courage is anyway a trend ;]. Her sneakers have got a strong color, yellow, what's summertrend 2009.

2009/06/06 - Breuninger Sindelfingen

Trend 2009: shirt with checked pattern! Turquoise also a trend, yes, strong colours at all.
The rest isn't special, I took this foto just because of th shirt ;).

2009/06/06 - Breuninger Sindelfingen

The lightening isn't the best, I'm sorry!
Well, the left girl wears a yellow bolero (trend!) over an ethno blouse, a brown leather bag, grey jeans and grey vans authentics (trend!) with a silver necklace. The right girl is simply dressed with a dark jeans, a green shirt and black ballerinas.

2009/06/06 - Breuninger Sindelfingen

I love her haircut (TREND 2009) and her simple combination of tights (another TREND ;), knitwear, boots and the strap dress.

2009/06/06 - Breuninger Sindelfingen

3 manneguins in 'vero moda'. You can see a bag of leather again, a vest (all materials definitely a trend!), a scarf (take a scarf and it will make your outfit up ;) embroidered with flowers in ethno style (also a trend!) and big accessoires (everytime a go ;D).

2009/06/06 - Breuninger Sindelfingen

I was on tour with Julia, my best friend. We think the color brown is definitly a trend! And knitwear is nice when you mix different materials.
We've seen so many women and nearly everyone has got a leather bag.... What do YOU think? ;)


Marco, 8 years old.

Found this picture right now on my computer! It's from April...


Hey guys,
I hope for new styles tomorrow. I'll be in the city and -hey, it's summer!
The people show their intresting clothes. :)
It's more difficult to find good styled people in winter, when everyone wear jackets.
See you tomorrow.

Well, I hope for a coorporation with HerrTutorial, vlogger from Youtube! Check his canals: http://www.youtube.com/user/HerrTutorial

>>Contact me: youngstylestuttgart@googlemail.com

Have a nice day, Laura.


2009/05/05 - myself.

just wanted to show you, my style of today & yesterday. hope you like it.


2009/05/04 - Stuttgart Cannstatter Wasen

Laura (15) & Emma (14)


2009/02/29 - Scoul, Engadin, Swizzerland

i love you sister :)


2009/02/14 - VALENTiNES DAY SPECiAL - Stuttgart, H&M @ Königstraße

Cutest Photo I took yesterday ;)
Didn't ask for names & age.
Please girls, mail me: youngstylestuttgart@gmail.com

2009/02/14 - VALENTiNES DAY SPECiAL - Stuttgart, H&M @ Königstraße

Rosa (15) and her exchange student Imna (16) from Spain.
Rosa has got an nice bag from budapest:


2009/01/23 - Sindelfingen

Leo (11) & Alpi (11)
ily ;)



We miss and love you, rest in peace Adri!
* 22.10.1991 † 13.12.2008

2009/01/03 - at Accessoires, Stuttgart

2009/01/03 - Stuttgart Schlossplatz

Sorry, I forgot their names :D
But their style rules *-*

2009/01/03 - Stuttgart Marktplatz

Tim & Maxi (13), right ? ;)
No ordinary caps, uhm? :D

2009/01/03 - Stuttgart Marktplatz

The girl doesn't want to show you her face, but I think her Paul Frank-Clips are very cute.. :)

2009/01/03 - S1 from Stuttgart HBF to Sindelfingen-Goldberg

From left to right: Tim (11), Mario (13) and Robin (14). I like their caps & hairstyles :)

2009/01/03 - Starbucks Stuttgart

Larissa, Sarah & the boy with Th.. :D
I like his jacket *-*

2009/01/03 - Stuttgart Shoe-Special

Both pairs of shoes were found in Stuttgart downtown.

2009/01/03 - Stuttgart Schlossplatz

Laura & Tanja
Thank you very much :D